Women of the NALC

The Women of the NALC Ministry serves the congregation in many different capacities wherever and whenever a need arises.

Activities: WNALC is involved in many church support activities throughout the year. We conduct a “not-for-profit” sale of lilies for Easter and poinsettias for Christmas, sponsor a carnation project for Mother’s Day (pink and white) and Father’s Day (red and white), and have an ongoing Helping Hands “Wishing Well” project which began in 1990 inviting members to drop their pennies into the well to accumulate a mile of pennies, estimated to be 83,421.  The money realized from this is turned over to the church when it reaches increments of $200, and is to be used for emergencies when the need arises for members of the church or community.

Meetings: WNALC meets the second Monday of each month from September through June at 10:00am in the Library..  In September, due to the Labor Day holiday, we meet on Tuesday of that week.  If Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on our meeting date, we adjust our meeting schedule.  .

Volunteers: Come join WNALC for fellowship, Bible study, and many opportunities to serve our congregation.

Contact: Charlotte Tarman