Ushering is an important and essential job for the church but not a difficult one. There are several basic things you need to do and they are: to show up 20 minutes early for service so you can greet the congregation at the door and hand out any information needed for that day, collect the offering, direct the congregation during communion, take the count and work the doors. You also need to ask someone from the congregation during communion services to help present the bread and wine which is done as the offering is brought up and at the end of the early service separate the blue cards and put the offering in the safe. Depending on whether it is a special service there could be a few other odds and ends that the Ushers perform but you are briefed ahead of time.

It is a good ministry to join if you like to be active during the service because you do get up and down a lot and move around the church. It is also a good ministry to join because it can be something you can do as a family … parent – child, your spouse or just friends but if you want to join and don’t have anyone who can work with you as a partner, one can always be found. It is also a good way for the youth to get service hours and still have fun.

Presently there are 5 teams for each service which are simply rotated in order and if you can’t be here the week you are assigned, put an email out to the group and another team will normally cover for you or they may switch weeks with you to fit their schedule. There is a list of duties below and training is available either from Mark or any of the other Veteran Ushers.

If you’d like to join the team, please contact Mark Parker or Bonnie and she’ll pass the information along or any Usher can also get you to the proper person.

Duties: Ushers are divided into multiple teams and a schedule is developed that assures that team duties are rotated on a periodic basis. Depending on the worship service, Ushers may perform most or all of the following duties:

  • Greet everyone at the door and hand out bulletins and blue card and any other important flyers
  • Set out the kids bags
  • Help people get seated, Set up extra chairs, if necessary
  • Find someone to take up the bread and wine
  • Close the doors after service begins – Open for people who step out during the service to keep the distraction down
  • Work the lights if that is part of the service … like Christmas eve and Tennebra (Good Friday Service)
  • Take the count – Record the weather
  • Collect the Offering, Take up with volunteers for bread and wine, Remove the lids from the communion trays
  • Direct the congregation during Communion, Replace the lids on the communion trays
  • Open the doors during the last song before the Pastor reaches the back of the church
  • Hand out the Extra’s as people are leaving
  • Collect the money and put it in the safe and collect the blue cards and put them on Bonnie’ desk
  • 9 AM Service – switch out the bulletins for 11 AM
  • Any other requests the Pastor may have before and during the service

Meetings: There are no scheduled meetings for the Ushers and training/instruction is provided as needed. There is also a booklet that has a yellow cover in the church office detailing what the Usher’s duties are because they are slightly different for each service.

Volunteers: Ushers are needed for both worship services. Helping out with the service is rewarding and always appreciated.

Contact: Mike Glorioso