Train Garden

The Train Garden Ministry is a yearly fund raising activity sponsored by Emmanuel to meet and exceed our financial commitment of support to the North County Emergency Outreach Network (NCEON).  NCEON provides assistance to local families in northern AnneArundel  County who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties.

Activities: At the present time we rent space in the Marley Station Mall (old Friendly’s Location)  for year round maintenance and storage of the train garden.  In March of each year, a new train garden design begins and shortly thereafter the old garden is dismantled and work begins on the new garden.  Volunteers meet every Tuesday evening from 7-9:30pm to work on the garden.  The new garden is normally completed by early November.  The garden is opened daily from the middle of November to New Years Eve.  During that time, volunteers from Emmanuel, other churches in Northern  AnneArundel  County, and many other organizations help maintain the operation of the trains and sell tickets for the prize drawings.  Ticket sales as well as visitor donations serve as the primary source of income for this fund raising activity.  The TrainGarden is one of the largest sources of funding for NCEON and over the past sixteen years has provided more than $127,000 to support NCEON’s outreach activities.

Volunteers: The Train Garden Ministry relies heavily on a significant number of volunteers to conduct a successful fund raiser program.  Volunteers are needed on Tuesday evenings from March to November to help with dismantling the old garden and construction, wiring, and painting of the new garden.  Volunteers are also needed on a daily basis from the middle of November to New Year’s Eve to work two hour shifts for maintaining train operations and selling raffle tickets. If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring this inspirational and fun outreach mission, contact the following.


  • Frank McDonald, 410-255-2392, 443-250-2851 cell
  • George Fornoff, 410-768-3573, 443-618-5990 cell