Sunday Bible School

Sunday Bible School provides classes for 3 year old through adult that teach biblical principles and truths that form a solid foundation for living out our life.

Activities: The Sunday Bible School at Emmanuel Lutheran Church meets from 9:45am to 10:45am each Sunday.  Classes begin with 3 yr old and continue through to adult education.  Our Sunday School year begins the first Sunday after Labor Day and continues until the Sunday before Memorial Day. Classes are divided by age groups and we have 2 formal teaching curriculum in use.  One is the Witness program, which features stories from the bible – traditionally teaching Old Testament stories in the fall, leading up to Jesus’ birth at Christmas and then New Testament stories in the winter and spring.  The other curriculum also focuses on bible stories and teachings of Jesus and uses animated DVDs (created by former Disney animators). The second Sunday of each month is designated as Music Sunday and all kids in 6th grade and below meet together in Fellowship Hall for 15 minutes of music and fun before returning to regular classrooms.

The 7th grade-12th grade class meets in the youth trailer and deals with topics relevant to today’s teens with regard to how faith and Christianity factor into daily life. There is a separate adult class in the library which also informally discusses various current events news articles.

The Sunday  Bible School participates in several service projects during the year (school supplies, food sharing drive, get well program for shut-ins, church beautification in May) and there is an annual Christmas Play each December

Children are welcome to join at any time during the year –   There is no fee for Emmanuel’s Sunday  Bible School.  Come join the fun!

Volunteers:  Anyone wishing additional information or to serve as a teacher in the Sunday  Bible School program may contact Pastor Bob

Contact:  Pastor Bob