Property Management

The Property Management Ministry encompasses all the activities required to care for and maintain the Emmanuel House of God.  This includes cleaning, maintenance/repair, gardening, lawn cutting, snow removal, and contractor management.

Activities: The routine activities performed by volunteers serving in the Property Management Ministry are weekly cleaning of the church interior on Saturday mornings from 8-10am and weekly lawn cutting from April through September.  Other activities such as maintenance/repair, gardening, and snow removal are more ad hoc and occur when a need arises.  The Property Management team is also responsible for obtaining bids for contractor work and managing that work when the contract is approved.

Volunteers: The Property Management Ministry Team is always looking for volunteers to help with the numerous activities required to maintain our church.  If you have special skills in the areas of plumbing, electrical, carpentry or other trade, we could use your expertise to provide guidance on projects requiring those skills.  For most of our activities no special skill is required, just a heart to serve God.  If you are interested in joining one or more of our efforts, please contact one of the individuals below.


Inside Maintenance: Cam Stickley

Outside Maintenance: Volunteer Needed