Prayer Ministry

Emmanuel’s Prayer Ministry – pray for the concerns of our community, to give thanks for God’s blessings, and to pray for those listed on Our Prayer Ministry Care List.

College Students:

Annie Akers, Erica Blubaugh, Noel Downes, Hunter Hartzell, Darbi Jones, Mitchell & Kevin Kammer, Kyle Leary, Kyle & Spencer Mellinger, Kelsey Oltman, Melissa & Kevin Prather, Alex Roth, Casey Tarman, Dylan Treff

Military: (Please submit your loved ones)

Patrick Harkleroad, Colin Harkleroad

Compassion International Child: Grethel Flores

One Life Africa:  Andrew & Stephanie Onguka

Ecuador Missionaries : Marguerite & Pastor Pedro Pablo Morocho Aguagallo, Kathy & Gary Meier

Home-bound:  Cathy Bealefeld, McCrea Beckett, Betty Bees, Catherine Bowler, Nancie Bulson, Helen Steg, Jean Stoffel

Long Term Prayers: 

Sandy Adams, Lorraine Beaver, McCrea Beckett, Catherine Bowler, Frank Celeste, Cooper, Jim, Jr & Sr, Denne, Austin,Billy, & Siris, Dobratz, Althea,   David Emala, Mary, Frank, & Robert Emala, Mark Farrow, George & Dolores Faughnan,    Sandy Garcia, Glenna Gilpin, Ashley Hackman, Joanne Hauck,   Ed Johnson & family, Charles Kern, Maggie Kratz-Amland, Marie Leary, Margie Lilly, Shawn McGinty, Walt Miller, Charlie Mitchell, Jr., Bill Mueller, Jr., Rocky Mueller, Jen Murphy,  Don Myers, Arlene & Tony Novitske, Brenda Phelps, Nancy Phelps, Kathy Reeves, Colleen & Leonhard Rose, Butch Rupert,  Terry Alley Smith, Nancy Spiker, James Stauts, Carol Stickley, Jean Stoffel,    David Tillery, Jr., Carolyn & Shayne Twigg,   Crystal Williams,  , Laurie Witcher, JoAnn Zurakowski

Those Who Grieve: Alley, Crew, Jacobs, Kurinji, Okeke, Smith families

Those who are sick and/or hospitalized: 

Brandy Andrews, Stan Bardoff, Mike Beck & Camp Hope, Jeane Belschner, Kristan Bosch-Hoefler & Baby Luke,   Mary Lou Chapman, Christians in South Sudan, Dottie Cockrell,    Betty Couture, Ava, Melissa Daniels & family Tracey Fraley, Margaret Gings, Tedd Griepentrog, Tana Hall, Irene & Joseph Hannigan,  Hunter Hartzell  Carl LeSuer,   Lucille Norris, O’Dell, Mike, Mike Beck & Camp Hope, Pires, Theodore Ernst,   People of Ecuador,  Perosi family,    Leonhard & Colleen Rose  Rosa Lee Slaven, Jim Smith, Cliff & Jean Stoffel,    Bob Walck,  Becky & Bob Wiles,  Jeff Wiles, Stan & Lisa Wiles

Those Celebrating Special Occasions: Andy Dimler, Bill Beckner, Eden Morrison, Morgan Burr, Francesca Celeste, Nelva & Bill Tayman