Lutheran History

Lutheran History

The LutheranChurch began in the 1500’s as a reforming movement which sought to restore the centrality of the Bible, Faith, and Grace within the Catholic Church. Although the earliest Lutherans preferred to be called “Evangelicals,” their opponents labeled them “Lutherans” after their leader, Martin Luther.
Martin Luther

A. His Early Life

    • 1. Born — November      10, 1483  Died — February 18, 1546
  •  2. May 1505
    • a. Began law school to please his father
    • b. Luther more interested in theology/religious matters
  • 3. July 1505
    • a. Luther caught in thunderstorm
    • b. He was afraid to die
    • c. Asked St. Anne for help-he would become a monk if she saved him
    • d. Joined a monastery two weeks later

B. His Faith Struggle

  • 1. Saw God as harsh, angry God
  • 2. Luther guilt ridden over his sin
  • 3. Felt forgiveness depended on him

C. His Faith Discovery

  • 1. Began to lecture on the Bible
  • 2. Discovered a loving God who forgives freely through Jesus

D. His Faith in Action

  • 1. The Indulgence Controversy — October 31, 1517
    • a. catholic Church promised forgiveness if people gave money
    • b. Luther was outraged
    • c. Wrote 95 statements against Catholic Church
    • d. Controversy followed
    • e. Luther hoped to reform Catholic Church but that did not work out