The Greeters Ministry provides an individual within the Church to welcome all who enter for the Sunday worship services.  The greeter also remains after the service to provide other assistance as necessary.

Activities: Greeters improve our warmth and hospitality by having someone in the church, at every service, to greet all who come to worship.  Greeters answer questions, give directions for rooms around the Church, and offer assistance, such as providing a wheel-chair or walker. Greeters also encourage guests to sign our guest/attendance/communion card and invite them to visit the Welcome Table following the service.

Volunteers: The greeters would love to have you join us in our efforts to welcome worshipers to Emmanuel.  For detailed instructions outlining the duties of the greeter please contact the POC below.

Meetings: There are no regularly scheduled meetings.  The monthly assignment sheet is distributed to all team members via mail, Email, or hand delivery.

Contact: Bill Tayman