Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the Altar for the Sunday services.

Activities: The Altar Guild performs a number of activities on Saturday to prepare for the Services on Sunday.  This includes picking up flowers from the florist, arranging candles, flowers and linens in the altar area, and preparing items for communion if necessary.  On Sunday the Altar Guild sets up the sanctuary for services, i.e. place flowers, communion, coordinates altar paraments for the church seasons, and cleans up after the service.   The Altar Guild may also prepare the altar for special services or weddings. 

Meetings: There are no scheduled meetings for the Altar Guild and training/instruction is provided as needed.  Currently the Altar Guild (AG) is a subcommittee under Worship & Music (W&M) and important AG items are discussed at the W&M meetings that are held the 4th Monday in the months of January, April, July, and October.

Volunteers: The Altar has openings for volunteers and complete training and guidance will be provided.  Helping out with the service is rewarding and always appreciated.

Contact: Betty Beckett, 410-255-7543